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Fanfic Review Time: The APH Financial Crisis Gangbang Comic Review Follow-Up

Alright, I just knew a follow-up to my... very scathing review of the Financial Crisis Gangbang comic would be inevitable, and I knew that there would be a huge backlash from a lunatic fringe of super-defensive fans of the comic ready to try ripping me a new one. I prepared myself for the oncoming onslaught of raging fantards who would be getting butthurt over my review of this, even though I did give a bolded warning beforehand.

But in a weird sort of way, I was hoping for it. Now, I appreciate the positive feedback I've gotten, especially from attashi , musubi7 , kakkobean , fivedayslater  and some anonymous commentators. But I really wanted to see the nutbars who were going to try to stick up for this one. But man, the stupidity of the responses I've gotten have surpassed my expectations (and let me tell you, I was expecting a lot of it).

This will be more of an actual critique too, as opposed to a 100% full-out rant like the review was. My head's a clearer, and I swear I wasn't being a mad drunk when I wrote the following.


Warning: There will again be some very strongly worded stuff in this, as well as some swearing. Unless you can take the heat, then leave. Acting butthurt and bitching that I dared to dislike the FCGB comic will only result in you getting laughed at.Collapse )
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Fanfic Review Time: The Axis Powers Hetalia Financial Crisis Gangbang Fan Comic

I actually did it! I'm going to be reviewing bad fanfic in the styles of Linkara and Spoony's reviews! So let's see what I can dig up!


Title: The Axis Powers Hetalia Financial Crisis Gangbang Fan Comic

Author: may_chan


Oh God, no.

No! Please! Anything but this!! (sobs)

[Warning: Subject matter of the fic being reviewed is Not Safe For Work (or for your digestive health). And for any actual fans of the comic, this review will contain very strongly worded opinions that may/will offend you. Unless you can take criticism, don't start acting butthurt and call me out for being bitchy. These reviews are meant to be harsh and critical, and if you can't take the heat, leave.]



Collapse )


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Um, yeah...

God, I haven't updated in who knows how long...

But anyway, I just saw Iron Man 2.

I fucking loved it!

First, RDJ was impeccable as ever as Tony Stark. I adored Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer; he's so cute in a nerdy kind of way. And Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury = fucking badass! Oh, yeah, and Mickey Rourke was pretty cool as Whiplash. There were lots of funny moments too, and the easter eggs pointing to Captain America and Thor ad the Avengers were totally squee-worthy.

Unfortunately, Scarlett Jo was rather meh as Black Widow, even hough she was really hot, and kicked ass rather well and Don Cheadle was somewhat weak as Rhodey. I guess it could be attributed to the fact that Black widow didn't exactly get that much to do, and I'm still not totally over the whole Rhodey recasting thing, so I'm not going to be too harsh. Also, there were more than a few moments that felt a bit clunky, and could've been left out of the final cut of things.

But all in all, this was a great and fun superhero movie, and I can't wait to see the all-encompassing universe surrounding it.
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Oh God...

I've hit the big 2-0 now.

I'm just one year away from being old enough to buy alcohol.


I'm 20 years old now. I don't know how to feel about that. I really don't.
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I ought to update more often. So here goes...

I'm writing alot more lately. Most of it tends to be fanfic of the crack persuasion, like this one Axis Powers Hetalia/Marvel Universe (616) crossover that's actually a pseudo-love story of sorts with Captain America/U.S. and it ends in utter tragedy thanks to Cap's death (though a sequel may be in the works, what with Reborn coming out, plus I really want to write more of America-tan's interactions with the Avengers/Fantastic Four/X-Men/Squirrel Girl). I'm also having the horrible itch to write a Metal Gear/Captain America crossover with a love story between The Boss and Cap and another with Solid Snake and Cap.

Dammit, TV Tropes has utterly ruined me for life...

I've also seen Public Enemies recently. It was excellent. Johnny, Christian, Billy and Marion. Nuff said.
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So I finally got off my butt to watch Repo! The Genetic Opera.

All I remember from it is that I really, badly, wanted to screw Bill Moseley as Luigi Largo. And the great soundtrack.

But mostly Bill/Luigi.

FFS, he's thrice my age, and I'd still have dirty sex with him! DX
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Live long and prosper, my friends.

I'll admit that I'm not that much into Star Trek, but I was totally fired up for the movie. I finally saw it today with my dad (who's a Trekkie himself), and we both loved it. It was awesome, fast-paced, fun and all around great. I loved Zachary Quinto as Spock, he was awesomeness. And Chris Pine was so like Captain Kirk in the original series. Anton Yelchin was especially adorable as Chekov, but there just wasn't enough of Simon Pegg as Scotty, though he sure was funny in every scene he was in.

Now I might as well start watching the show...
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Another month, another superhero movie review...

So I watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine today, in the theater, and TBH, I actually liked it. I don't think it's the best of the X-Men movies, but it was certainly fun and enjoyable. I loved Taylor as Gambit (sexy-ness), Ryan as Deadpool (his lack of screentime was made up for by his badassery) and Liev as Sabertooth. I'm also hoping for more Emma Frost in the future movies; I like her.

I've also recently started reading the Avengers comics in preparation for the awesome epicness that's going to be coming out soon. I've also been reading The Ultimates, which is pretty fun, even if some things kinda annoy me in it (like Hank Pym's characterization). They are NEVER going to let him live down that incident where he hit Janet, huh?

On another note, I've been feeling sick. I'm pretty sure it's not the swine flu, though.
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