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It's An Insane World

Because We Need Honesty

壊れそうに泣いてる DREAMER
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I've been somewhat out of it lately...

But basically, I'm a bored person who likes to write a lot. I'm firecely independent and I love all kinds of rock music (alternative, industrial, melodic death metal, etc). Video games are my passion, as is anime. I have a bad weakness for hot guys, chocolate and sci-fi. I love to party and let loose too.

Now give me your CHOCOLATE!!
12012, 30 seconds to mars, a clockwork orange, aishwarya rai, alex delarge, alfred/arthur, angela gossow, anime, apollo/starbuck, arch enemy, asia argento, attack attack!, avatar: the last airbender, axel, axis powers hetalia, balenciaga, batman begins, battle royale, battlestar galactica, beautiful people, bill kaulitz, black nail polish, breakfast on pluto, brendon small, bring me the horizon, charles foster ofdensen, chloe sevigny, christian bale, cillian murphy, cillian murphy/jonathan rhys meyers, coach, cooking, couture, debating, demyx, dethklok, dir en grey, d’espairsray, edward cullen, eva green, fabio cannavaro, fashion, final fantasy, gackt, gaspard ulliel, gazette, gerard butler, hal emmerich, harry potter, harry/hermione, heroes, hide, hipster fashion, house, j-rock, jack/rum = otp, jackson/lisa, jacob black, jake gyllenhaal, jamie bamber, johnny cage/sonya blade, jonathan crane, jonathan rhys meyers, kagrra, kaká, katee sackhoff, kingdom hearts, kiyoharu, kyle xy, laughing at stupid people, lee adama, lost, louis garrel, louis vuitton, luna lovegood, luna sea, l’arc~en~ciel, maggie gyllenhaal, malcolm mcdowell, malice mizer, manga, mean girls, merry, metal gear solid, metalocalypse, miyavi, moi dix mois, movies, music, napoleon dynamite, neon genesis evangelion, nine inch nails, padraic delaney, panic☆ch, penicillin, pickles the drummer, pierrot, rachel mcadams, raiden/rose, real madrid, red eye, robert knepper, ryan gosling, sendhil ramamurthy, shopping, silent hill, smart yaoi, snake/otacon, sofia coppola, solid snake, sora/kairi, star wars, sylar, sylar/claire, the notebook, the word alive, three doors down, toki wartooth, tokio hotel, tom kaulitz, tricia helfer, twilight, video games, vincent valentine, visual kei, wentworth miller, within temptation, x-japan, zachary quinto, zexion, , アリス九號, アンティック-珈琲店-, ガクト, バロック, メリー, 彩冷える